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Be careful when you order expensive paper   Leave a comment

As most of you know, I am trying my new printer, the Epson Stylus Pro R3880. To allow myself to execute tests I have ordered 4 different paper packs, 2 matte (A3+ and A4) and 2 lustre (again A3+ and A4).
Unfortunately, one of the packs I have received has a corner that seems like it has been smashed on the floor.
Such paper packs are expensive, and any bending of the paper may result in the paper touching the printer heads which are full of inks. This pack of paper has to be replaced.

First thing I have done was to contact the vendor. Hmmm… On the website there is no telephone number to call. So second option was through the website to fill in a form to return goods which are defective. All right, so I selected my invoice number, the item, and the system at this point tells me that I need to call Epson for this particular type of problems. They offered me directly the number I should call.

When you dial the Swiss telephone support number of Epson, you are asked to choose between German, French and Italian. I wanted to go through the Italian service, and an italian lady answered. She was saying that I have contacted the italian Epson service and they are not dealing with other countries than Italy. I told them that I have dialled the Swiss number, but upon the selection of the language, the call was diverted to them. After five minutes of explanation, they decided to listen to my problem. After a quick explanation, they are saying again that I should contact Epson in Switzerland. Ok, thanks, I was a bit angry and I hanged up.

I decided at this point to try to call again the same number and choose German. At this point, finally I was answered by somebody (with a German accent, surely not Swiss) that kindly explained me that for this kind of problems I should contact the shop.

Now, without a phone number to call the only solution was to write an e-mail. I did, explaining exactly what happened to me, saying that I was ready to send back the pack of paper.

Today, I have received an e-mail from the shop, saying that they will be sending me a new pack of paper and also a sticker to put on the old one so that it could be sent back without paying any postal charges. This is what I call an efficient service.

Despite from the initial mistake of diverting me to Epson, loosing 1 hour of my time, the shop was reacting very efficiently.

At the end everything was solved!


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Printed photos – the end of the chain   Leave a comment

Photography is seeing a golden era now. Canon and Nikon are selling a huge amount of cameras and more and more you see people with a DSLR at their neck around in the streets.The social media are also full of pictures made by the „photograhers“.

In my opinion a photo there are two kind of photos: The one that deserves to be printed and the one that doesn’t.

For ages I have advocated that a printer at home, unless you have to print documents is quite useless because a photo-lab would do a much better job than yourself at home.

Times have changed, the ink-jet printers are now capable of great results which are in many cases offsetting the ones of many photo-labs available on the internet.

After visiting expos, reading a huge amount of forums and talking with many technical people, I decided to give it a try and last week I have received my first photo printer, the Epson Stylus Pro R3880.

The reason why I changed my mind is that in the past I have been printing some of my photos on canvas, even a big one which would be impossible to print at home. Despite the laboratory where I printed did a perfect job with the result, what I didn’t like, was the impossibility to spot something in the print and change it. The total time required by this job was one week, which included sending the file by FTP, waiting for the lab to schedule the printout on the right media and framing the print. In all this, I was able to see only the final result.

With a printer next to you, you can finally make test prints, see if certain details will be properly translated to the paper, check if you have chosen the right paper. All these steps where impossible before and were making the process like blindly driving a car.

The Epson Stylus Pro R3880 can print on glossy and matt paper, the ink for these two different paper typologies will be chosen automatically by the printer driver bringing the best possible result.

In the next weeks I will try to review some of the printing processes and any problem I would encounter.

Stay tuned!

New Creations   1 comment

I have available for sale 4 fine prints on canvas:

San Francisco by night

San Francisco by Night

Times Square #3

Times Square #3

Times Square #2

Times Square #2

Chrisler building

New York - Chrysler building

Heartland Brewery


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