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Please welcome Edoardo!   5 comments

When Marco and Natalia asked me to shoot some photos of their newborn I was already thinking about several places where this could happen. But which place could be better than Lucerne?

Edoardo, Marco e Natalia

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco


Edoardo, Marco e Natalia

Edoardo e Natalia

Edoardo e Marco

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco



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Bellagio – La perla del lago di Como   Leave a comment


Most of you, when thinking about „Bellagio“ are thinking about the hotel in Las Vegas. Unfortunately (for most of you), Bellagio represents one of the most beautiful and romantic villages on the Lake of Como.

If you are interested in visiting Bellagio you can read about it here.

Here some of the pictures I took some weeks ago in Bellagio.

Vicoli di Bellagio

Lago Di Como

Vicoli di Bellagio

Fontane di Bellagio

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Corners in Amsterdam   Leave a comment

Corners in Amsterdam, originally uploaded by Franzli.

Walking at night in Amsterdam is quite inspiring, especially with a wide angle lens like the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM.

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Forks   Leave a comment

Forks – Kenko Extension Tubes test, originally uploaded by Franzli.

I have recently bought a set of Kenko Extension Tubes and I am having fun shooting close-ups.
Enjoy my forks.

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Las Vegas Shopping Mall   Leave a comment

Las Vegas Shopping Mall, originally uploaded by Franzli.

For this photo I used a super wide angle lens, Sigma 10-20mm. I love the feeling of this photo where you can taste the hall of this mall.

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Movements   Leave a comment

Calcio in culo!, originally uploaded by Franzli.

How great is it when you can catch movements with a still picture? Here is an example of such thing.

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Fasnacht Luzern 2010   Leave a comment

Fasnacht Luzern 2010, originally uploaded by Franzli.

On Thursday in Lucerne (CH) we had the opening of the Carnival 2010.
I took a couple of days off to go and shoot some pics.

If you want to see all the shots please click on the picture and find all the pics in my flickr stream.

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