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Printed photos – the end of the chain   Leave a comment

Photography is seeing a golden era now. Canon and Nikon are selling a huge amount of cameras and more and more you see people with a DSLR at their neck around in the streets.The social media are also full of pictures made by the „photograhers“.

In my opinion a photo there are two kind of photos: The one that deserves to be printed and the one that doesn’t.

For ages I have advocated that a printer at home, unless you have to print documents is quite useless because a photo-lab would do a much better job than yourself at home.

Times have changed, the ink-jet printers are now capable of great results which are in many cases offsetting the ones of many photo-labs available on the internet.

After visiting expos, reading a huge amount of forums and talking with many technical people, I decided to give it a try and last week I have received my first photo printer, the Epson Stylus Pro R3880.

The reason why I changed my mind is that in the past I have been printing some of my photos on canvas, even a big one which would be impossible to print at home. Despite the laboratory where I printed did a perfect job with the result, what I didn’t like, was the impossibility to spot something in the print and change it. The total time required by this job was one week, which included sending the file by FTP, waiting for the lab to schedule the printout on the right media and framing the print. In all this, I was able to see only the final result.

With a printer next to you, you can finally make test prints, see if certain details will be properly translated to the paper, check if you have chosen the right paper. All these steps where impossible before and were making the process like blindly driving a car.

The Epson Stylus Pro R3880 can print on glossy and matt paper, the ink for these two different paper typologies will be chosen automatically by the printer driver bringing the best possible result.

In the next weeks I will try to review some of the printing processes and any problem I would encounter.

Stay tuned!


Please welcome Edoardo!   5 comments

When Marco and Natalia asked me to shoot some photos of their newborn I was already thinking about several places where this could happen. But which place could be better than Lucerne?

Edoardo, Marco e Natalia

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco


Edoardo, Marco e Natalia

Edoardo e Natalia

Edoardo e Marco

Edoardo, Natalia e Marco


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Fireworks   Leave a comment

Last summer I went to take some shots at an event with huge fireworks. It was the first time I took a fireworks shot seriously and I presented myself with my tripod. After the shot, I have taken a look at the resulted JPGs thinking I haven’t done this great job I thought about.

Now after some months I cropped them a bit and the result doesn’t look bad at all.

Here they are…
Stans - Winkelriedfest 2010

Stans - Winkelriedfest 2010

Stans - Winkelriedfest 2010


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A new logo, please vote your favorite one!   1 comment

I have been working recently on a new logo for the pictures to be posted on my blog. I have made three different versions. Please vote your favorite.

Version #1 – Photography
Logo Version #1 - Photography

Version #2 – Website
Logo Version #2 - Website

Version #3 – Pure logo
Logo Version #3 - Pure logo

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Travelling without gear   Leave a comment

I have seen many people posting about travelling and the pictures they take here and the pictures they take there. Well, this is a different story, where this time I decided to leave my gear at home.

How does it work?
Well, first of all you must be sure that you are going to a place that you have visitet plenty of times so that you won’t take pictures. Then you must be sure to have enough to do that photography is the last thing you can think about.

What could let you think it was a bad idea?
Honestly it all depends on the weather, I am currently in Amsterdam and we are having days where the rain doesn’t let you out of the hotel. But there was one thing that I didn’t consider at all: after the rain is finished, the sky has a beautiful color and it’s all full of nice golden clouds.

Plan B
We all need a „Plan B“, mine is the mobile phone, even though I always said that I would never post a picture made with it. I start believing that a point&shoot camera is not a bad idea for this kind of trips. Probably the Canon G11 could serve these kind of occasions. It gives you the flexibility of writing RAW files and it’s very much portable. Of course nothing compares to my Canon EOS 5D MkII, but to avoid shooting with the stupid mobile phone I think it’s an affordable alternative.

Now go out and shoot… And don’t ever leave your gear at home… 🙂

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My Canon Lens Lineup   2 comments

My Canon Lens Lineup, originally uploaded by Franzli.

I know that the most important thing is how to use a lens and not the lens you use, but it’s good to be ready for every shot with the right focal length.

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The importance of the White Balance   Leave a comment

Golden Giorgia, originally uploaded by Franzli.

I was playing around with White Balance with some pictures shot long ago.
I have found this one of Giorgia that was almost perfect in terms of balance but the color of her skin and the color of her hair was not really satisfactory.
I have tried setting the light temperature to 7000K and here is the result. As you can see, she now has a nice skin tone and golden hair.

Below please find the picture shot with the Automatic White Balance
Giorgia (by Franzli)

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