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I have seen many people posting about travelling and the pictures they take here and the pictures they take there. Well, this is a different story, where this time I decided to leave my gear at home.

How does it work?
Well, first of all you must be sure that you are going to a place that you have visitet plenty of times so that you won’t take pictures. Then you must be sure to have enough to do that photography is the last thing you can think about.

What could let you think it was a bad idea?
Honestly it all depends on the weather, I am currently in Amsterdam and we are having days where the rain doesn’t let you out of the hotel. But there was one thing that I didn’t consider at all: after the rain is finished, the sky has a beautiful color and it’s all full of nice golden clouds.

Plan B
We all need a „Plan B“, mine is the mobile phone, even though I always said that I would never post a picture made with it. I start believing that a point&shoot camera is not a bad idea for this kind of trips. Probably the Canon G11 could serve these kind of occasions. It gives you the flexibility of writing RAW files and it’s very much portable. Of course nothing compares to my Canon EOS 5D MkII, but to avoid shooting with the stupid mobile phone I think it’s an affordable alternative.

Now go out and shoot… And don’t ever leave your gear at home… 🙂


Veröffentlicht September 16, 2010 von franzli72 in Photography

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