Escape from the tube   Leave a comment

Escape from the tube, originally uploaded by Franzli.

You miss the air, you can’t breath, you must escape and when you almost reached the exit, you feel like fainting, doing your final steps. The other people in the other direction going down to the center of the earth are looking at you, they know you are almost out and they just came in. They know exactly what you feel…
Suddenly… you are out… you can breath fresh air….

A note: I remember that after this shot I said: „on film I would have never wasted a shot, but then it turned out to be a great one“.
The important thing is how you see the shot at the end of the process.
At the end it’s a 50%/50%.


Veröffentlicht Dezember 1, 2009 von franzli72 in Photos

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